Loshini Selvarajah Loshini’s the best friend you’ve yet to meet – she connects with anyone in a heartbeat! Equipped with a degree in Political Science and International Relations, she traded in her corporate suit and 3-inch Manolos and set out on a nomadic entrepreneurial adventure at the age of 25.

She brings 5 years of business development experience and high level online marketing expertise including business analytics, lead conversion, social media management, Google Analytics and blogging mainly specialising in the Health and Wellness industry. Combining her skills in technology and online marketing with her Love for everything holistic and organic lead her to delve into organic farming in Sri Lanka, which she calls home at present.

She is currently working on creating a range of organic products; sourced locally via fair trade and is working to development and promote the creation of a sustainable ecosystem around the organic farming community and economy in the country.

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